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For years, experts in the areas we are Tüzün Kardeşler We live to serve you as the agent of the right of pride..

Our company that manufacture auxiliary equipments has been founded by Seyfettin TUZUN and Abdullah TUZUN in 1969 as machining workplace.Since 1993, it has been corporatized as adding hot forging faciity to its activities and since 1999, it has been certified with the ISO 9001 quality certification. Our company has become one of the leading companies that certificate in this field by creating TS EN ISO 16949 Quality Assurance and Management System to provide better service its customers with better quality of production, management and inspection in 2011.Our company has also began to production of automative spare parts for Defense industry ad Machine industry beside Automative Industry with modernized machines.

Defense, industrial machinery and related spare parts for the automotive industry with all kinds of questions for us about us and order!

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In 1969 Seyfettin by TÜZÜN Abdullah TÜZÜN, established as a machining workshop for the production of spare parts in the automotive industry, our company since 1993 and corporate recruiting hot forging facility and has been certified with ISO 9001 quality certification since 1999. Our company was incorporated from the date began in the spare parts for the defense industry and machinery industry with the automotive industry as well.

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